Its like a child giving an adult advice.

October 23, 2009 at 6:50 am (Uncategorized)

Journalists should be learning and evaluating the new way of thinking presented by bloggers. Bloggers are giving the world new-age news, including opinions and start a conversation with their news. News should be a conversation. It is only after traditional media publishes a story that the public begins to generate questions and perspectives. Journalism should take lesson on how blogging is changing the relationship with and between the medium and audience. Two key elements traditional journalists should be taking note on are being able interact with readers and the speed of blogging.

Traditional media needs to embrace the technological changes the web is creating for society. They need to find and open a new portal to get their news to their audience. The web is only offering traditional media the opportunity to advance and transform into something more accessible to all audiences.

The single most important thing traditional media should do to keep their existing audiences and gain new ones is listen and change. Listen to what your audience is doing and wants, then make the change to accommodate them.

When it comes to the concern of the digital divide and neo-Luddites everyone, including traditional media to the internet, need to take it as it is; because of demographics there will always be technological and information gaps.


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