What am I supposed to do now?

October 16, 2009 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

October 13, 2009 Chico endured a rather big storm. There was nonstop rain, gusting winds, falling tree branches and oh yes, unfortunate parts of town lost their power!

I was online in my room enjoying my internet connection, when my bedroom lights began to flicker. Suddenly the flicking stopped and the power was out. I thought to myself for a moment, like I was smart, “My laptop is fully charged. Whatever.” Then another moment when by, “Wait! My modem needs electricity!” Truth be told I did not even wait another minute until I was up and thinking of where I could go that had power. Luckily, my friend lives on the Enloe grid, the Chico hospital, and had power. I arrived within 10 ninutes of the power going out. I mean why stay home? What would I do at home with no power? Not only did I have no internet but no basic cable (yuck!) television. How could I possibly live without my two 800 pound gorillas?

As far as I heard everyone was “dying” without power because they had no internet, I heard television here and there, but mainly no internet. I believe some of my friends turned to their cell phones for it. Had this been 1995 you probably would have lit some candles and brought out a board game or a nice bottle of wine; age pending. However today we rely on the internet so much it is almost hard to think of the time it was not in existence. The World Wide Web has ultimiately transformed our lives. Why do anything in ‘real life’ when we can accomplish it on the internet. Going to the bank, sending letters, looking up the definition of a word, are just a few things that the interent provides access to at your fingers tips; very minimal work involved. The World Wide Web is so integrated into our daily lives and routine, someone may find themselves lost when it is taken away.

With the huge transformation of journalism, we still must find a way to preserve our traditional roots, because what are we going to do when poachers, i.e. weather, kill off our 800 pound gorillas?


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