Communication. Community.

October 2, 2009 at 4:58 pm (Uncategorized)

The Internet exists to improve communication. Communities can grow anywhere communication occurs (

Everyone has their own concept of reality and how they perceive things. While everyone does live in a reality, their communication may be asynchronous. Living asynchronously, quite possibly is creating people to be living in parallel realities, where everything based on perception. Perception of community is within the grasp of the individual.

Many people first started using the World Wide Web through access of AOL and CompuServe, these were online communities they subscribed to. Then the World Wide Web was available without subscription, opening the flood gates for online communities to be created without limitations. If we look at the World Wide Web is a community itself, then it provides to shelter to the communities that inhabit it; communities within a community.

In your local, town community you have town hall meetings, Farmer’s Market, events that coordinate and offer a sense of establishment and togetherness, these same concepts have been applied to online communities. Individuals all have their own perception and concept of what online community is and how to establish one, however there are cites that offer insight on what an online community is and how it should be created and how to attract users . Individuals are also publishing the best practices of communities found in conducted research, then creating stages of online communities.

The capability of communication is ever-growing, no matter which way an individual’s reality or perception shapes it.


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