Changing technology, changing journalism.

September 11, 2009 at 4:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Our world is growing and evolving, there is no disputing this fact. There is also no arguing that every single thing in our world is changing. Some people seem very concerned that traditional journalism is vanishing but journalism is very much still intact, it’s just altering itself to new forms. The leaps our society has taken with the internet and cell phones has definitely changed how our mainstream culture accesses their information. With all our new advances in technology anyone can access anything as well as anyone can post anything to be accessed.

With blogs and posts some are arguing anyone can become a journalist however it is the manner of the blog to determine whether or not the writing is journalism. I feel that with this evolution journalists needs to move forward with the trend and learn from the internet and bloggers. Like many generations before, we must adapt. I agree with Steve Outing when he explained journalists and bloggers alike have much to learn from one another. While journalism may need to stick to their writing structure the portals being used to get information to their public must transform. The media and internet are taking our society to a whole new level and journalism needs to jump on that band wagon.

Technology changing our world doesn’t stop at the internet, it just moves forward with cellular phones. Cell phones give a huge open gateway for anyone to access, retrieve, capture or post anything at any given time.

The way I see it, journalism needs an app. This link is to make you laugh.


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